International Bunkering

The bunker service to cruise vessels is the most sensitive bunker operation since international luxury cruisers require a standard operating procedure from the bunker service provider to comply. These vessels cannot afford any interruption due to a wrong specification of fuel similar to that of a resort island and hence lot of attention is given to assure quality control in the service. With our experience and highly qualified crews on our vessel we try our level best to give the best bunkering service.

Fuel delivery vessels will be equipped with a NITTO SEIKO flow meter coupled to a bucket strainer to assure quality and quantity. NITTO SEIKO is world renowned in liquid measurement and is a popular name in the fuel industry since it is not designed for manual adjustments. It is manufactured with factory calibration and cannot be manipulated or altered to give a false reading. A brochure of Nitto Seiko Flow Meters is attached for your reference.

The product discharge line is facilitated with a Y- Type strainer which will strain any impurities that may pass the line from suction to the flow meter.

Safety measurement is given importance when delivering fuel to your esteem vessel. While our fuel delivery tankers are in compliance with the national safety standards, these are insured under a comprehensive cover and do cover for third party insurance, where in case of an accident the damages to the fuel delivery station of your property will be protected under insurance for loss or damage

The fuel delivery vessel is equipped with oil dispersant chemicals that will remove any slight effect or oil slick that may spill to lagoon during the operation, safety standards that assures the wellbeing of sea life and care for the oceans by preventing pollution. These delivery fleets coexist with the amazingly beautiful lagoons of the resort islands. The vessels fit perfectly to the Maldives natural environment due to the eloquent look that it embraces with the blue, green and white which are colors that blend to the blue lagoons, green vegetation, crystal clear beaches and the clear sky respectively.

We try our best to minimize the waiting time for the vessels which come to get our bunkering services. We assure that these good practices will be implemented and executed in order to provide a quality service and deliver genuine products.

Other Services

Our services does not limit only to fuel supply. It includes other various support services, as follows: